Water Treatment

Why Soft Water?

Hard water can cause costly problems in your home.  These problems can range from calcium build up on appliances and in pipelines to dry skin/hair for your family.  To combat these issues, water treatment equipment can be installed in your home.  Soft water benefits include spotless dishes, softer hair and skin, reduced housework by eliminating scale formation, less soap and detergent usage, extended appliance lifespan, and brighter fabrics.

Each region has a variety of different minerals in its water, so we are here to help you determine which water treatment equipment would benefit your home the most. Our Service Representatives are available to come to your home and complete a free assessment.  For our *First Time Water Treatment Clients, we are offering a FREE Standard Install with the purchase of our equipment, rent as low as $14.95, or $100 off the purchase price of our Canature Water Softeners. (CLICK HERE to view the available equipment for sale.)

*Our Water Treatment Services Currently extend to the following counties: Logan, Mason, Tazewell, Sangamon, McLean, and Peoria County.

Simply fill out and submit the form below, and our Water Treatment Manager will contact you to discuss your needs.