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Get fresh water delivered efficiently and easily

Enjoy great-tasting bottled water delivered directly to your home or workplace with Puritan Springs. Whether you choose our practical single-serve bottles or bulk water that’s perfect for refilling bottles or cups, you’re guaranteed the cleanest, best-tasting water for your organization.

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Water delivered directly to you

Let our friendly Route Sales Representatives save you the hassle by bringing the great taste of Puritan Springs bottled water right to your door.

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Single-serve Water

Single-serve bottles have proven to be a convenient and popular refreshment option for healthy hydration on the go. Order 10 oz., 16. oz. or 1 gallon bottles for your convenient, personal water needs.

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Bulk Water

Bulk water options are a perfect option for offices and larger organizations supplying many people at once. Our 3 and 5 gallon bottles have a much greater storage capacity thanks to their larger size, making them ideal for refilling drinking glasses and bottles or for cooking.

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Steam Distilled Water

Steam Distilled Water from Puritan Springs is essential for numerous medical, industrial and commercial uses including sterilizing and operating medical equipment, performing lab tests, manufacturing cosmetics, mechanical and automotive use, chemical dilution, and more. Our technical-grade distilled water is available in 1 and 5 gallon bottles, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, tanker service or custom packaging to your specifications – delivered directly to your business.

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Should I use a water dispenser?

Water dispensers are designed to dispense bottled water from returnable 3 and 5 gallon bottles. Making them ideal for refilling drinking glasses, water bottles, or when cooking. If you rent your water dispenser from us and have any issues with the dispenser, we will handle any repairs and/or replacements at no additional cost to you.

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About Bottled Water

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Drinking Water

  • From the Mahomet Aquifer
  • Purified by reverse osmosis
  • Deionized to produce pure, clean H2O
  • Most popular type
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Distilled Water

  • Drinking water taken a step further
  • Also purified by steam distillation
  • Cleanest and purest water
  • Great water for sanitation
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Fluoridated Water

  • Drinking water with fluoride added
  • Level of fluoride os one part per million
  • Assists with healthy tooth and gum developments
  • The #1 choice for parents and Pediatricians
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Spring Water

  • Water drawn from Natural Springs
  • Naturally filtered by ancient glaciers
  • As pure today as it was a century ago
  • Customer's favorite organic tasting water