The Benefits of Fresh Water Delivered to Your Home or Workplace

Did you know tap water often has remnants of chemicals, toxins, and contaminants? The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports a 25% chance that your tap water is either unsafe or hasn’t been properly monitored for contaminants in accordance with federal law. What can you do to change how your family or employees safely drink water? While single-serve plastic water …

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Benefits of a Water Delivery Service

Think about where your office gets its drinking water from. Are your employees drinking straight from the tap? Are they burning through the 24-packs of bottled water you lug into your breakroom once a week? Water is a necessity in any office, but sometimes the sources of our water can be tainted with impurities or lead to massive amounts of …

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Drinking Water Safety During Covid-19 Pandemic

Demand for hand sanitizers, sanitary wipes, and bottled water increased significantly during the pandemic.  Puritan Springs Water employees worked tirelessly to ensure that safe drinking water has been available to essential groups providing critical services such as first responders, food banks, hospitals and nursing homes. As businesses and schools closed, the demand for home deliveries of bottled water increased, too. …

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