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Spread Brand Awareness with Custom-Designed Bottled Water

How are you marketing your business at trade shows and seminars? Just handing out business cards won’t cut it — you need something truly unique to make a lasting impression on anyone who is encountering your brand representatives. Not everyone needs a key ring or paperweight. Attendees likely have an abundance of pens — ones that don’t fall apart after a few uses too. But everyone needs to hydrate, and by adding your brand to a bottle of water, you gain the unique ability to spread brand awareness while providing a much-needed and appreciated service.

How Bottled Water Can Help Your Business

Attending corporate seminars offers unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing you to build valuable connections with fellow attendees and promote your business to a targeted audience. After hustling from one breakout session to another, a cool drink of water can be a relief for attendees — and a great way for you to break the ice. So, while you’re offering them a refreshment, why not familiarize them with your brand? Before the event, order customized water labels that prominently feature your logo to provide a unique and refreshing sort of business card to potential new customers. You could even theme the label around the event or the city.

Best of all, not everyone has to pass by your booth to recognize your brand. Everyone who accepts a water from you instantly becomes a walking billboard for your brand. The more water bottles you hand out, the more visible you become. Depending on the design, they may also become a
conversation piece between attendees. Additionally, customized water bottles are among the most cost-effective ways to market your brand, averaging as low as 45 cents per bottle.

Crafting the Perfect Label

Just as you’d approach any other ad or promotional item for your brand, the first step is knowing your audience and what will resonate with them. Create a design that is eye-catching and prominently features your brand. Most of all, be creative — don’t just settle for a design that looks identical to every other bottled water on the market. You want people to notice your brand and be drawn to it as the bottle is carried around, so the bolder the better.

Leverage inexpensive and creative marketing for your brand — Puritan Springs offers custom water bottle labels for both work and personal events. For more information, contact us or call 1-800-292-2992!