Puritan Springs employee delivering water to an office

How to Determine Your Office Water Delivery Needs

Every office needs a water source. Hydration isn’t just a perk or privilege for your workforce — it’s a necessity. However, not every office has the same water needs. For example, the delivery solution for a large-scale industrial center may not be ideal for a small, family-owned business. So, how do you figure out a water delivery plan for your workplace? Check out some factors you should consider as you shop.

Workforce Size & Usage

How many workers do you employ? Obviously, the larger your workforce is, the more water you’ll need. Generally, 8 cups of water per day — or 64 ounces — has been a long-recommended benchmark for personal wellness. Given each employee spends half their day in the workplace, that comes to 32 ounces of water per day for each employee or about 640 ounces (one 5-gallon bottle) per month for each employee.

Additionally, how much water is each person drinking? Are they refilling a water bottle or cup, or are they drinking from smaller, disposable cups? Is water being used for purposes besides drinking (e.g., filling coffee makers or watering plants)? As you shop, account for how water is being used and adjust your calculations accordingly.

Office Size & Layout

How many water coolers — i.e., dispensers — do you need throughout your office? Where should they be located? Adding a water cooler to your office’s break room or kitchen is an obvious choice, but for some employees, getting up from their desks and walking all the way to the break room just to get some water can take more time than is necessary. Consider adding multiple coolers throughout the office in spots that are convenient and accessible for employees no matter where their workstations are.

Type of Water

Not all water is created the same.  As you shop, consider what types of water are available and which is best for your intended purposes.  If you are simply keeping your workers hydrated, purified drinking water or spring water are the most common choices.  Most people prefer purified water due to its clean and refreshing taste.  Spring water is appealing to some consumers as the water retains the natural minerals from the spring in which it was extracted.  If you need water free of contaminants in your workplace for mechanical, industrial or medical purposes, distilled water is your best option.  

Find the right water delivery option for your organization. Learn more about water delivery from Puritan Springs and find a solution for you. For more information, contact us or call 1-800-292-2992 — and ask about our FREE four-week trial!