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What’s in Your Drinking Water?

How pure is your drinking water? People depend on a ready source of safe, clean water, so ensuring your supply is free of harmful contaminants is of the highest importance. Unfortunately, harmful chemicals and minerals can make their way into your water — left undetected, these contaminants can create serious health consequences for all who consume them. Government Regulation Established …

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How to Determine Your Office Water Delivery Needs

Every office needs a water source. Hydration isn’t just a perk or privilege for your workforce — it’s a necessity. However, not every office has the same water needs. For example, the delivery solution for a large-scale industrial center may not be ideal for a small, family-owned business. So, how do you figure out a water delivery plan for your …

distilled water being made in a lab

What Is Distilled Water — and Who Needs It?

How pure is your water? The minerals commonly found in water can cause problems in industrial applications. That’s where distilled water comes in. Virtually free of impurities, distilled water is ideal for commercial uses across numerous industries where minerals found in other types of water may yield less-than-ideal results. About distilled water True to its name, distilled water is the …

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Drinking Water Safety During Covid-19 Pandemic

Demand for hand sanitizers, sanitary wipes, and bottled water increased significantly during the pandemic.  Puritan Springs Water employees worked tirelessly to ensure that safe drinking water has been available to essential groups providing critical services such as first responders, food banks, hospitals and nursing homes. As businesses and schools closed, the demand for home deliveries of bottled water increased, too. …

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Water and Your Body

Water makes up between 55% and 78% of your body, depending on your age, sex and weight. An imbalance in how much water you have in your body can cause larger complications. If you suffer from only 1% dehydration, it causes a headache. Water is the primary component of your blood and is used for all of your bodily functions …

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Puritan Springs is Hiring!

Puritan Springs is looking for quality employees to join the team. Please fill out the online application form below. 

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Puritan Springs Community Involvement

We are proud to have relationships with the following organizations. Boys and Girls Club of Pekin American Red Cross Brad Campbell Memorial Golf Outing ALS Awareness Special Olympics Suzan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Tazewell County Fire Fighters Assoc. US Veterans Assoc. Meal A Million Polo on the Prairie Feed the Homeless Peoria Dog Days of Summer Hurricane Victims Relief …

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Bottled Water Practices

Bottled water, just like soda or any other packaged food, has to meet stringent FDA regulations. With these regulations the water which you purchase in any bottle is not only safe, but high quality. The safety regulations on bottled water far exceed international safety guidelines – you can rest assured that the process for packaging water makes Puritan Springs not …