many unlabeled clear plastic water bottles

Bottled Water Practices

Bottled water, just like soda or any other packaged food, has to meet stringent FDA regulations. With these regulations the water which you purchase in any bottle is not only safe, but high quality. The safety regulations on bottled water far exceed international safety guidelines – you can rest assured that the process for packaging water makes Puritan Springs not only safe, but the safest, cleanest water you can provide to your employees or family.

Using a combination of reverse osmosis (pressurized filtration) and de-ionization (mineral removal) our drinking water and spring water is only the best quality. Our bottles are recyclable and our delivery schedule meets your needs. Bottled water is also considered to have an indefinite safe shelf life if it is produced in accordance with the FDA regulations and stored properly. The water that Puritan Springs provides not only meets FDA regulations, but also our own stringent quality standards.