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Recycling and the Environment

167 bottles per person? That is nearly 42 billion bottles per year. Where does the plastic go?

Bottled water containers are all recyclable. Glass, aluminum and plastic are easily recycled at any center. Our five gallon jugs eliminate the need for bottles in the workplace; they are durable and reusable. When we drop off your office water bottle, we will simply take the other back, where it will be cleaned and reused.

We encourage our customers to recycle leftover bottles and paper products. We want our business to improve people’s health, and we want to minimize the effect of our industry on the world. Puritan Springs is actively involved in trying to keep our planet healthy.

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What Puritan is Doing to Help

Our 5-gallon bottles are one of the best things which we use. On average, one of our bottles lasts 50 turns or more (from drop off to refill). Once one of our jugs fail, we bring it to the recycling plant, where it is crushed and reprocessed – and turned back into one of our bottles. We encourage our customers to recycle their individual bottles as well, and all of the cardboard we use is from recycled sources and recycled once we have used it.

Finally, we are always evaluating our routes to figure out the most gas efficient ways to deliver our products so that we can minimize the effect of our carbon footprint. If you have any questions about how we are keeping the water industry green, please contact us.